Driving Services


  • I will drive your car, van, pickup rental truck or RV anywhere in the lower 48 states and into and from Canada (not within Canada however).

  • I will drive vehicles as big as a 26-foot rental truck (Penske, UHaul, Budget, etc)  and most RVs.

  • I will drive your car or pickup with a trailer up to 30’ in length

  • I will drive your car with automatic or stick shift ransmissions, Trucks must be automatic.

  • I will drive your car with your well behaved pets (no puppies) and care for them during the trip for an additional fee. Motels charge from $0 to $25 per pet.

  • I will drive your car loaded with whatever you like, within reason (I need to be able to see out the rear window).

  • I do not drive human passengers.

  • I’ll meet you at the airport with your car and often pick up or drop vehicles off at airports, you don't need to be there.

  • I will drive your kids car to or from college.

  • All vehicles must be in good mechanical condition, I inspect all vehicles prior to starting any trip. I quite frequently find that tires are OVER inflated when tires are rotated or tires are new.

  • My longest trip to date has been from Boston to San Francisco with a U-haul trailer and the owners 50 lb dog "Max". I've also driven 26' rental trucks with trailers coast to coast.  I've been through 47 states in the last 48 months.


Notes on my Services:


I do not carry any special insurance (other than my own medical insurance).  My service should be viewed the same as though a friend were driving your car for you, which normally is covered by your own insurance (check with your insurance company on this).  I accept no liability beyond my driving service fee.


I can drive any vehicle not requiring a special license, including Rental trucks and Motor Homes either with towed vehicles.  I provide a door-to-door service and you will have direct contact with me at both ends of the trip. I do all of the driving.


If the car breaks down while I am driving it, you are responsible for any repair costs. In the event of a breakdown, I will immediately call you for instructions. I have AAA Plus, which will cover towing, but you would be responsible for the cost of any repairs.  Whenever possible, I will have you deal directly with the garage making the repairs.


I usually drive your car 550 to 700 miles per day, sometimes further depending upon traffic and weather conditions or delivery dates.


I am a non smoker.

I will be the only person to drive your car.



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