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 Cell - 609-496-4155


How my service works


First, e-mail me the information listed below.  I will send you a return e-mail with a quote and my availability. My quote includes my airfare, lodging and food. Tolls, Gas and Uber use are not included.


If you are satisfied with the quote and are ready to reserve specific dates, I will make up a contract and email it to you.  The deposit varies from $200 to $500 to cover my airfare and will be applied to my total fee. (We can use PayPal for this). The deposit is refundable until I have purchased the airfare. I normally purchase the plane tickets several weeks in advance to obtain lower rates.


When I arrive to drive your car, I will require an additional cash deposit equivalent to my best estimate for gas and tolls. Gas today averages about $2.20/gallon, car MPG ratings can be found at However I've yet to find a car that gets its rated MPG on the Interstates. I will keep all receipts and we will settle any differences at the end.  Both the initial airfare deposit and estimated gas and toll amounts will be broken down in my quote. The balance of my driving fee will be due upon delivery of the vehicle to its destination.


Contact Email: and provide the following information:


  • Starting and ending cities. (If these are large cities please provide the address).


  • Date of desired departure and date of desired arrival.


         Skip the next 7 items if you are using a rental truck. I cannot take Pets in trucks.


  • Year, Make & Model of vehicle.


  • Approximate odometer reading on the vehicle.


  • Is the car registered and insured, will need proof of insurance upon departure.


  • Whose name is on the registration?


  • What will be carried in the car (I need to be able to see out the rear view mirror).


  • If pets will be carried, tell me about them. (breed, age,  disposition, etc. please provide a photo).


  • I would also like to know the reason for transporting the vehicle and why you prefer my type of service as opposed to a commercial carrier.


You can call me for questions (cell # 609-496-4155). Please leave a voicemail if I don’t answer, I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.  I will still require an email with the above information before I can give you a firm quote.


My mailing address is 

Malcolm Campbell 

100 Harker Road

Chesterfield, NJ 08515





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